Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Video: First Lady Wins Push-Up Contest With Ellen DeGeneres

First Lady celebrates second anniversary of Let's Move! campaign...
First Lady Michelle Obama showed off her famous fitness on Wednesday in Los Angeles as she taped an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  In an appearance to promote the Let's Move! campaign, Mrs. Obama danced and engaged in a push-up contest with host Ellen DeGeneres.  Let's Move! will have a renewed focus on fitness initiatives for children in 2012.   (Above:  Dancing with DeGeneres)

Mrs. Obama told DeGeneres that she works out "every day," which includes cardio, weights, "biometric kind of stuff," and pushups. She runs about three miles, and also plays tennis and does kickboxing, Mrs. Obama told Jay Leno during a Tuesday appearance on The Tonight Show to promote Let's Move!.

DeGeneres challenged the First Lady to a push-up contest, and Mrs. Obama did 25 as the audience counted down. DeGeneres did 14.

"That was amazing!" DeGeneres said.

"I just stopped," the First Lady said after hinting that she could have done many more push ups.

DeGeneres said she was going easy on Mrs. Obama. "I thought it wouldn't be good to show up the First Lady, so I stopped," she said.

"Because I thought, this looks bad that I'm going to beat her. I'm 54, and you're 48."

Mrs. Obama's second anniversary celebration for Let's Move! will be a four-state tour, through Iowa, Texas, Arkansas, and Florida. It begins on Februrary 9.

*Photo and video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show; top photo by Chuck Kennedy/White House