Monday, January 30, 2012

Publication Pushed To May For First Lady Michelle Obama's New Book "American Grown"

Publisher cites production issues and a different cover: Mrs. Obama's book about gardening and healthy eating has a new subtitle, too...
First Lady Michelle Obama's inspiring book about the White House Kitchen Garden, American Grown, will be published on May 1 rather than its previously announced date of April 10, according to a spokesman from Crown Publishing Group. The lavishly photographed book, which includes personal stories and recipes, also has a new subtitle: "The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America." Above, the new book jacket, with the new subtitle.

The original subtitle was "How the White House Kitchen Garden inspires families, schools and communities." Crown spokesman Tammy Blake said "the new subtitle reflects a collaboration between the author and the publisher." The book was first announced in March of 2011, at the time allowing just 13 months to the project's debut. Pushing the publication date by three weeks is due to production issues, according to Blake.

"The production process for this beautifully illustrated four-color book took a little longer than anticipated," Blake said.

The photographic efforts to document Mrs. Obama working in her garden for American Grown began the day the book was announced, and included Mrs. Obama's most recent Fall Harvest event in 2011. Acclaimed food/lifestyle lensman Quentin Bacon got the assignment, which included battling 100 degree heat during the May 30 cover shoot with Mrs. Obama. Bacon's work has appeared in celebrity chefs' bestsellers, including books by Mario Batali and Ina Garten. (Above: Bacon with Mrs. Obama during a photo session for the book)

"We are very pleased to be able to publish it in advance of Mother's Day," Blake said of American Grown.

Crown has pegged part of its major promotional sales push for the First Lady's first outing as an author to Mother's Day, touting it as "the perfect gift" to book sellers. The publisher has promised author appearances to promote the book, but neither the White House nor Crown will confirm where or if these will occur. Promotional efforts will include social media, TV, print ads, and author interviews. The 256-page hardcover will sell for $30 in the US market.

Mrs. Obama took no advance for the book, and will donate her proceeds to an unnamed charity, according to Crown. (Above: The now collectible cover art released by Crown in October of 2011, with the old subtitle)

Mrs. Obama will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday, Jan. 31, and NBC announced that she will be talking about the book. It is one of three TV appearances for Mrs. Obama this week, ahead of the two-year anniversary of the Let's Move! campaign.

*Cover art courtesy of Crown Publishing; Bacon photo from Quentin Bacon