Thursday, January 12, 2012

Obama Raises $68 Million In Fourth Quarter

Video update from Campaign Manager Jim Messina: "Not a billion-dollar campaign"...
Obama for America raised $68 million in the fourth quarter of fundraising for President Obama's re-election war chest, Campaign Manager Jim Messina announced on Thursday. The quarter ended on Dec. 31. 2011, and featured the "Dinner with Barack and Michelle" sweepstakes as a centerpiece enticement for donors. President Obama lunched last week with the winners of the second "Dinner with Barack" contest, held during the quarter that ended Sept. 30.

Messina characterized the $68 million as "pretty good" as he asked supporters for more, encouraging giving now rather than later. $42 million was donated directly to the Obama 2012 campaign and $24 million to the Democratic National Committee, which is raising money in tandem with OFA.

1.3 million people have donated to campaign so far, with 583,000 donating in the fourth quarter. More than 200,000 gave to the campaign for the first time in the fourth quarter, without having donated in 2008 or previously in 2011, Messina said. 98% of these donated $250 or less.

"Too many Obama supporters genuinely believe that this campaign doesn't really need their donations, or doesn't need them yet, in order to compete and win," Messina said in an e-mail.

"That's wrong. This is not a billion-dollar campaign and it's not going to be."