Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Very Special Gingerbread White House

This Gingerbread White House was on display in the lobby of the Children's National Medical Center when First Lady Michelle Obama made her annual holiday visit on Monday. A giddy architectural masterpiece, it's the polar opposite of the elegant, white chocolate-covered White House Gingerbread House that sits in the State Dining Room inside Mrs. Obama's home.

None of the spokespeople for the hospital knew who created the house, however. Kids in the lobby were having a great time looking at it. The architectural elements are a rainbow of candy, and the house is close to three feet long, and a foot-and-a-half wide.

The Gingerbread White House embodies all the sugary goofiness that is a hallmark of the gingerbread tradition, and includes white icing. It's loaded with peppermint drops, gumballs, nonpareils, candy canes, jelly beans, and Hershey Kisses covered in red and green foil. There are even small blue Jewish stars stuck on the sides. A marzipan Santa Claus is on the roof, seated in a chocolate sleigh that's pulled by a team of marzipan reindeer.

The puffs of smoke coming from the chimneys are cotton.

*Photos by Eddie Gehman Kohan/Obama Fodoorama