Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Obama Martini Glass Set...Yours For $30

Perfect for toasting with dirty Stoli Martinis, the President and First Lady's cocktail of choice...
Obama for America has long been selling family friendly logo'd foodie gear to raise funds for President Obama's 2012 re-election effort, but the Campaign has now moved into decidedly chic adult territory. Newly on offer are these Martini glasses featuring the 2012 campaign logo. A set of two sells for $30. They're made in the USA and "must be hand washed. " A decided bargain at $10 less than the $40 that 160 million Americans will now have in their paychecks, thanks to the President's pre-Christmas battle with House Republicans.

"Toast to victory in 2012 with our 8 oz logo-imprinted martini glasses," suggests OFA. Or toast to bipartisanship the next time the President is dealing with a stonewalling Congress.

Mr. Obama and First Lady Obama often enjoy dirty Martinis when dining out, typically made with Stolichnaya vodka, Obama Foodorama writer Marian Burros reported this year. Perhaps the First Eaters will indulge when they dine with the winners of the "Dinner with Barack and Michelle" contest, a fundraiser that closes on Dec. 31. Obama aide Reggie Love is the latest from the President's inner circle to promote the dinner. The seating chart for the Obamas and six guests is here; it's apparently such a showstopper that Deputy Campaign Manager Julianna Smoot has twice sent the graphic via e-mail to supporters: "I thought you should see it."

Another new bit of foodie swag OFA is selling is perfect for mixing up Margaritas: $50 gets this logo imprinted glass pitcher, also made in the good ol' USA.

"Serve your friends a drink and some 2012 pride," says OFA.

OFA is also selling the "Fired Up Ready To Grill" apron ($35), and a logo'd grill spatula ($40). Logo'd drink coasters ($10 for a set of six) were unveiled in October, as was a Biden Can Holder ($10). The grilling apron and spatula are now being sold together as a "Tailgate Pack" for $65, a discount of $10 from when purchased separately.

*Photos from OFA