Saturday, June 04, 2011

Video: Three Sisters Planting & Spring 2011 Harvest In White House Kitchen Garden

The First Lady & American Indian gardeners in action...
First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed American Indian children and adults to the White House on Friday, June 3rd, to participate in a special Spring harvest and Three Sisters Planting, in honor of the recent launch of Let's Move in Indian Country. Below, the White House video of all the action as Mrs. Obama and her helpers installed the Three Sisters in the Kitchen Garden--beans, corn, and squash, using a Native American growing technique. (Above: Mrs. Obama and two helpers harvest lettuce)

The heritage seeds used were donated by the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian. The video is 22 minutes of nominally edited activity, with the camera trained on Mrs. Obama and her helpers as they work in the Kitchen Garden. It also includes the blessing given by Jefferson Keel, president of the National Congress of American Indians, before the planting began.

*Photo by Eddie Gehman Kohan/Obama Foodorama; White House Video