Friday, June 03, 2011

Some Men Bring Home Flowers For Their Wives...

President brings home gardening gloves for First Lady...
President Obama gifted First Lady Obama with two pairs of bright green gardening gloves as he emerged from Marine One on Friday afternoon at the White House after a visit to Toledo, Ohio.

The President had toured the Chrysler Jeep Plant in Toledo, and he also stopped by a local hardware store, where he purchased the gloves.

President Obama carried the gloves as he stepped off Marine One, and he was smiling broadly as he presented them to Mrs. Obama while they were still standing beneath the chopper's rotors.

The First Lady held the gloves up and admired them, and they then strolled across the South Lawn together, chatting.

The gloves were purchased when President Obama made an "unannounced" visit to Fred's Pro Hardware in Toledo, a family owned business.

The drop-in at Fred's was thanks to the stalling jobs situation in the US; a new report issued Friday showed the economy is not doing as well as the White House had hoped.

The President spoke briefly on the topic with the employees, before boosting the economy with the purchase of his special gift. (Above: The President in action, selecting the gloves)

Right before the President landed on the South Lawn, the First Lady had just finished a special event with American Indian children in the Kitchen Garden, planting and harvesting. As the President arrived on Marine One, the group and their parents were gathered outside the South Portico, and the President and Mrs. Obama greeted them and posed for photos. The First Lady still had the gloves in hand.

*Photos by Eddie Gehman Kohan, Obama Foodorama; Fred's store photo by Getty