Friday, June 10, 2011

Sasha Obama Celebrates Tenth Birthday With A Party At Georgetown Cupcake

Pink balloons and yellow roses for party with girlfriends...
President Obama and First Lady Obama's younger daughter, Sasha, celebrated her tenth birthday on Friday, June 10th, and she did it in style, with a party at DC's Georgetown Cupcake. The popular bakery was the first to bring the US mania for cupcakes to the nation's Capitol in 2008, and is now the subject of a reality TV show. Sasha, sister Malia, 12, and a group of about a dozen girlfriends arrived for the birthday bash in the afternoon via a "discreet" motorcade, accompanied by plainclothes Secret Service agents. Sasha was clad in a t-shirt and shorts and carried a small bouquet of yellow roses tied with a ribbon as she exited the motorcade. (Above: Sasha is at far right; Malia is at left in the white t-shirt; the fellow in blue is Secret Service)

The outing, a private one, was not noted on the First Lady's schedule, nor on the President's schedule; he did not attend the party. (Above: Malia, far right, entering the party)

The bakery serves a wide range of flavors and is a fun place for parties, and now doubles as the set for TLC's DC Cupcakes, starring sister-owners Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne. Friday's "secret" not-on-the-menu flavor of the day was Salted Caramel, perhaps in a nod to the fact that Chocolate Salted Caramels are a favorite treat of the First Couple.

Carol Joynt
, an author and photographer, happened to be strolling by the cupcakery, and she was the first to report the birthday outing on her blog (Joynt also took the photos that are here).

Joynt spotted Secret Service activity in the area, and then saw the bakery's Range Rover pull up as she observed the action, packed with a huge bouquet of pink balloons (above). Minutes later, Sasha and her birthday companions arrived via motorcade.

Malia turns 13 on July 4th; the President celebrates his 5oth birthday two months later, on August 4th. Mrs. Obama turned 47 on January 17th. The First Family is scheduled to spend Sasha's birthday weekend at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland.

*Photos by Carol Joynt/