Sunday, June 19, 2011

President Obama Celebrates Father's Day, Takes Daughters On Ice Cream Run To "Thomas Sweet"

Malia & Sasha leave tonight for South Africa with their mother...
After a quiet day at the White House following Saturday's Golf Summit, President Obama took daughters Malia and Sasha out for a quick, sugary celebration of Father's Day at Thomas Sweet, a popular ice cream and chocolate shop in Georgetown, located at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and P Streets. They left the White House at 7:25 PM, and were accompanied by the President's unidentified niece and nephew. (Above: The President and Sasha leaving Thomas Sweet)

The President and the girls enjoyed cookie dough and vanilla ice cream at Thomas Sweet, which bills itself as "the favored ice cream shop of prominent Washingtonians for generations, preferred by senators and Presidential families." The sweetery offers ice cream with "Blend-Ins," soft frozen yogurt, chocolate, and fresh fudge. (Malia leaves with the end of her cone in hand; she's now 5'10'', the President announced this week)

It was an ultra casual outing: The President was clad in a white short-sleeved shirt, dark slacks, and sandals, while the girls wore denim shorts and t-shirts for the celebration. Onlookers crowded in as the motorcade pulled up to the ice cream store, and were held back by the President's security detail as they cheered. The motorcade arrived without sirens and flashing lights.

Sweet runs to Georgetown are something of a new habit: For Sasha's tenth birthday, on June 10, she and Malia and friends were at Georgetown Cupcake's Potomac Street studio for a private birthday party. (Above: The President waves as he leaves the ice creamery)

The girls leave late tonight to accompany First Lady Obama on a week-long trip to South Africa and Botswana, so it was a bit of a farewell party, too. Their cousins, Leslie and Avery Robinson, will also be on the trip, so it's a safe bet that they were the "unidentified" niece and nephew on the Presidential ice cream outing.

Plenty of Presidential attention to Father's Day...
Earlier on Sunday, President Obama sent out his very first Presidential Tweet for Father's Day, on the @BarackObama account:

"Being a father is sometimes my hardest but always my most rewarding job. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. -BO"

@BarackObama has been in existence for years, but it's always been penned by others. On Friday, it was announced that the President himself will be tweeting, and when he does, these will be signed with "-BO." The account has more than 8.7 million followers. President Obama also issued a letter for Father's Day, which followed a week focused on fatherhood issues, including a Father's day Proclamation, a weekly address on the subject, and an interview on Good Morning America in which the President took questions from the public and warned, joking, that "men with guns" will surround his girls when they're of dating age. Mrs. Obama today sent out a Father's Day e-mail, too, and the President also today issued a statement commemorating Juneteenth.

The ice cream run was quick: By 7:51 the Presidential party was leaving Thomas Sweet, and returned to the White House at 8:05.

First Grandmother
Marian Robinson will also travel abroad with the First Lady, for a trip that will focus on youth engagement, education, and international health and wellness initiatives.

Info: Thomas Sweet is at 3214 P Street NW, Washington, DC, 20007. Phone is 202-337-0616.

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