Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Newest Addition To The ObFo Archive

It's real: An Obama Campaign Birther mug arrives at last...
On May 18th, the ObFo interns ordered some of the $15 "2012 Made In The USA" coffee mugs being sold by the Obama campaign as a combo fundraiser and Birther controversy pushback icon. The very first mug showed up in this morning's mail, packed in a nondescript brown box, and sent from an address in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, apparently by way of either China or the moon. More than a month to send a little box through the US postal service? *Okay.*

It was worth the wait, however: We had to have the mugs, to add to our now-massive collection of President Obama food ephemera, which includes things like Obama dinnerware and nutcrackers, as well as frozen-for-eternity foods created in the President's honor (yes, really). The mug is all that was promised on the Campaign website; there's the smiling photo of President Obama, and a photo of his long-form birth certificate (download your own presidential Long Form Birth Certificate).

Like the President himself, the mug was "Made in America," according to the stamp on the bottom.

The shipping box contained no letter or Campaign support materials, just the fab mug. Seems like a missed opportunity from a campaign that's all about creative foodie projects. The latest: The "Dinner with Barack" contest, announced by the President himself last week. Rufus Gifford, the National Finance Director for Obama for America, sent an e-mail this weekend assuring supporters that the contest is real. Maybe that's because no-one had received their mugs, if our experience is any indication, so a dinner with the Eater in Chief seems even more far fetched...

Today, Deputy Campaign Manager Julianna Smoot sent an e-mail to supporters, announcing that the 2012 Campaign Store is open for business, and suggesting that those tired of their 2008 swag refresh their wardrobes. "How about a t-shirt?" was the subject heading of the e-mail, and it included a t-shirt with the Birther image ($25), as well as the coffee mug, now going for a suggested $20 donation. It's here:

*Photos by ObFo