Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Praise For White House Homebrewed Beer

"Bravo, Sam"- Windy City brewer lavishes lauds on beer making operation at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...
UPDATE, Aug. 2012: CLICK HERE for the latest on WH Beer
UPDATE, 9/16/11: President serves Dakota Meyer White House Honey Blonde
President Obama anointed Chicago's Goose Island 312 beer as "the best beer in America" when he presented a bottle to British Prime Minister David Cameron in June of 2010, to settle a World Cup Soccer bet. The man responsible for that beer, Goose Island owner and chief brewer Greg Hall, visited Senior Policy Advisor Sam Kass (left) at the White House last Thursday, where he sampled the latest homebrewed beer created by the chefs, who are the first in history to homebrew at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Hall quaffed two beers, White House Honey Blonde and White House Honey Porter, and he was filled with praise for the efforts. (Top: The bottle label from White House Honey Ale)

Hall was so thrilled, in fact, that he immediately took to social media to laud Kass and the beer.

"I just ( in the last hour) visited the White House and not only toured the garden and beehive, but tasted to beers, Honey Blonde and Honey Porter brewed at the WH by Sam Kass," Hall wrote (sic) on Soapbox, a digital magazine for chefs.

"So honey is making into WH beer. And Sam did a great job- the beer tastes good and shows the honey very well," Hall wrote (sic).

Hall later Tweeted his praise, too:

"Today I tried Sam Kass' Honey Blonde and Honey Porter homebrews in the White House kitchen, showed the WH honey very nicely, bravo Sam," Hall wrote (sic).

"We just tasted the Honey Porter yesterday, which was unbelievably good, if I do say so myself," Kass told a New York City crowd on June 9th. "We have no idea what we're doing--we're just experimenting..."

The Obamas' White House Beehive is the first to ever be on White House grounds. The President and First Lady paid for the beer-brewing equipment with their personal funds, White House aides were quick to point out when the first White House batch of homebrew, White House Honey Ale, made international headlines after it was served at President Obama's 2011 Super Bowl Party. (At left: A bottle of the brew)

Hall sold his own Goose Island brewery to Budweiser in April.

*Beer photos by Pete Souza/White House; Kass photo by Eddie Gehman Kohan/Obama Foodorama