Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guest List: State Banquet In Honor Of President Obama Hosted By Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The following guest list was released by Buckingham Palace for this evening's State Banquet, held by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in honor of President Obama's State Visit. In addition to the American delegation, which includes Senior White House staff traveling with the President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, there are also members of the US Embassy. Actors Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are also on the guest list. The British and foreign invitees are a range of notables from local government, the Parliament, the monarchy, and civilian life. The Banquet was held at 8:30 PM; a full post about the affair IS HERE, and the menu IS HERE. Details on silver and service IS HERE. The First Lady wore a gown designed by American Tom Ford.

The following had the honour of being invited:

Suite of The President of the United States of America and Mrs. Obama:

The Hon. Louis Susman (Ambassador from the United States of America) and Mrs. Susman
The Hon. Hillary Rodham Clinton (Secretary of State)
The Hon. William Daley (Assistant to The President and Chief of Staff) and Ms. Bernadette Keller
The Hon. Valerie Jarrett (Assistant to The President and Senior Advisor)
The Hon. David Plouffe (Assistant to The President and Senior Advisor)
The Hon. Thomas Donilon (Assistant to The President and National Security Advisor)
The Hon. Michael Froman (Deputy Assistant to The President and Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs)
The Hon. Dr. Philip Gordon (Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs)
Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall (Special Assistant to The President for National Security Affairs and Senior Director for European Affairs)

United States Embassy Invitations:

The Hon. Capricia Penavic Marshall (Chief of Protocol)
The Hon. Benjamin Rhodes (Deputy Assistant to The President for National Security Affairs and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications)
Ms. Huma Abedin (Deputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State)
Ms. Kristin Chernoweth
Ms. Doris Kearns Goodwin and Mr. Richard Goodwin
Mr. Tom Hanks and Ms. Rita Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Roberts.

Specially attached to the President of the United States of America and Mrs. Obama:

The Lady Elton (Lady in Waiting)
The Viscount Brookeborough (Lord in Waiting) and the Viscountess Brookeborough
Sir Nigel Sheinwald (Her Majesty's Ambassador to the United States of America) and Lady Sheinwald
Major Dan Rex (Equerry in Waiting)

Diplomatic Corps:

His Excellency the High Commissioner from Canada and Ms. Donna Thomson
His Excellency the Ambassador from Mexico and Mrs. de Median-Mora
His Excellency the Ambassador from the Republic of Hungary and Mrs. Marton

The Cabinet and Government:

The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice (the Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke MP) and Mrs. Clarke
The Prime Minister and Mrs. Cameron
The Rt. Hon. Nicholas Clegg MP and Ms. Miriam Gonzalez Durantez
The Leader of the House of Lords (the Lord Strathclyde) and the Lady Strathclyde
The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and Mrs. Hague
The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and Mrs. Cable
The Chancellor of the Exchequer and Mrs. Osborne.

Special Invitations:

The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury and Mrs. Williams, the Speaker of the House of Commons and Mrs. Bercow, the Rt. Hon. the Lord Speaker and Mr. Martin Hayman, the President of the Supreme Court and the Lady Phillips of Worth Matravers, the Lord Great Chamberlain and the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, the Earl and Countess of Airlie, the Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, the Lord and Lady Levene of Portsoken, the Lord Coe and Miss Carole Annett, the Rt. Hon. Sir John Major and Dame Norma Major, the Rt. Hon Tony Blair and Mrs. Blair, the Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP and Mrs. Brown, the Rt. Hon. Edward Miliband MP and Ms. Justine Thornton, the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress, General Sir David and Lady Richards, Sir Augustine and Lady O'Donnell, General Sir Peter and Lady Wall, Sir Peter and Lady Ricketts, Sir John and Lady Sawers, Professor Sir Richard Trainor and Professor Marguerite Dupree, Sir Paul and Lady Nurse, Sir Richard and Lady Branson, Sir Martin and Lady Sorrell, Sir Christopher and Lady Gent, Sir David and Lady Brewer, Sir Ian and Lady McAllister, Sir Paul and Lady Stephenson, Sir Jonathan and Lady Cunliffe, Sir Simon and Lady Robertson, the Mayor of London (Mr. Boris Johnson) and Mrs. Marina Wheeler, Mr. Mervyn King and Mrs. Barbara Melander-King, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Flint, Mr. Tim Burton and Ms. Helena Bonham-Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Diamond, Dr. Frances Dow, Mr. and Mrs. Jan du Plessis, Mr. Andy Green and Miss Susan Jukes, Mr. Kevin Spacey, Mr. Carl-Henric Svanberg and Ms. Louise Julian, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Treshcow and Ms. Deborah Turness and Mr. John Toker.