Monday, April 25, 2011

President Obama Goes Easter Egg Rolling...

On the egg race track, the President becomes Egg Coach in Chief...
President Obama acted as a personal cheering section for one little girl in the most famous activity at the 2011 White House Easter Egg Roll today, the Egg Rolling Race.

Eggs take center stage each year at the annual event; more than 19,000 will be used today, for the rolling and egg hunting.

30,000 guests will visit the White House for the day of fun, a tradition that's more than a century old.

The little girl, clad in her Easter best, was having trouble rolling her egg with a spoon across the grass and up the egg track, and the President stood over her, egging her on with encouragement.

The Egg Rolling Race was introduced at the White House in 1974, with spoons borrowed from the White House kitchen.

The little girl's brother joined in to give her a hand--er--a spoon, too. She finally got her egg across the finish line.

When the race was completed, the little girl, her brother, and their thrilled mother all got high-fives from President Obama, who then posed for photos with the family.

The Easter Egg Roll will use 72 wooden spoons and 8 whistles for the starting line judges, according to the White House.

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*Top photo by Chuck Kennedy/White Housel other photos by Eddie Gehman Kohan, ObamaFoodorama