Monday, April 11, 2011

Beyoncé's 'Let's Move! Flash Workout' Video For First Lady's Childhood Obesity Campaign

"Hee-eey, Let's Move!": Three videos for the superstar's re-written "Get Me Bodied"...National middle school event is May 3rd
UPDATE, May 3: The First Lady joins kids at a DC Middle School for the event
Beyoncé worked with the White House: READ HERE
Below is the full video for Beyoncé's Let's Move! flash workout. There's also a video teaching the dance steps, and a video clip with the popstar promoing the project. The national workout event will be at Middle Schools across the US on May 3rd, at 1:42 PM EDT across time zones.

Here's the full video:

The original post:
In a new video preview, Grammy-award winning singer Beyoncé Knowles gives a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of her "Let's Move! Flash Workout" video, created to support First Lady Michelle Obama's childhood obesity campaign.

The celeb songstress has re-written and re-recorded her song "Get Me Bodied" for the project, titling it "Move Your Body," and she dances to her tune with kids in a school cafeteria. The full video will be released on May 3rd, for a workout event in participating Middle Schools across the US, co-sponsored by the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF).

"I'm very honored to be a part of NAB and our First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative," Beyoncé says in the clip, below. "It's all about the benefits of promoting healthy eating and exercise. But what we want to do is make it fun, and that's by doing something we all love to do, which is dance."

Beyoncé is joined by kids of all ages in the cafeteria dance, and some of the older kids speak onscreen about the importance of healthy eating; Beyoncé pointedly bites into an apple mid-groove, reinforcing Mrs. Obama's push to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables. Parents will be happy to discover that Beyoncé, in keeping with the age-range of her target audience, has exchanged her signature sexually provocative stage costumes for hip workout gear--it's all G-rated. The song's repeated refrain: "Hee-yyy, let's move!."

The dance-in takes place at 1:42 PM Eastern Time on May 3, and across the US time zones. The Let's Move! project is in partnership with the American Association of School Administrators, the National Middle School Association and the National School Boards Association. GO HERE to NAB to sign your school up, and GO HERE to download the videos in Quicktime and Flash (the odd pixelation that occurs early in the video, above, is in every version we've seen of it).

Here's the dance step instruction video so kids can pre-learn Beyoncé's moves:

Beyoncé's re-written "Get Me Bodied" is from her triple-platinum-selling second solo album, B'Day, released in 2006. The President and First Lady had their first dance as First Couple when Beyoncé sang "At Last" for them at the Neighborhood Ball on Inauguration Night in 2009, and she also performed at the White House in May of 2010, during the second State Dinner of the Administration, in honor of President Felipe Calderon of Mexico.

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