Thursday, February 03, 2011

White House Orders Green Bay Beer For Presidential Super Bowl Party

Artisanal Packers brews will be on tap for Super Bowl revelers, including some Hollywood A-listers...
President Obama
, the Bears Fan In Chief, will be serving beer that comes straight from enemy territory at this Sunday's White House Super Bowl party. Hinterland Brewery of Green Bay, Wisconsin, home of the Packers, has sent three cases of beer to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, according to company spokesperson Kristen Verhaagh. They were ordered from the small artisanal operation three weeks ago, right after the NFC championship, Verlaagh told ObFo. (Above: The President drinks beer during a visit outside the White House)

"This is our first time at the White House," Verhaagh said. "We're definitely excited. We don't normally get a phone call from the White House."

Still, despite ordering beer from the crucial swing state, it's unlikely that the President will wear one of the three Packers jerseys he was gifted with last week when he visited Manitowoc, Wisconsin, as part of the White House to Main Street Tour.

"Even if it didn’t go the way that I wanted, I am glad to see that one of the greatest rivalries in sports is still there. And we will get you next year," President Obama told a crowd at Orion Energy Systems. "I’m just letting you the spirit of sportsmanship I wish you good luck in the Super Bowl."

In addition to the President enjoying Hinterland beers at the Super Bowl party, singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and her husband, singer Marc Anthony, will also be quaffing the Packer brew. Lopez, now a judge on "American Idol, told "Extra" that she's been invited to the White House Super Bowl party. Invitees usually include lawmakers and Administration officials, as well as Presidential Pals. Anthony and Lopez have been at the White House before; she performed at the Fiesta Latina in 2009. The Hinterland beers on offer will be Pale Ale, the brewery's signature beer; Amber Ale, which has a caramel flavor; and Luna Stout, which is bold, rich, and creamy. (Above: Lopez and Anthony at the White House in 2009)

President Obama is a known Ale lover. Last summer, he settled a World Cup bet with British Prime Minister David Cameron with Goose Island 312, a Chicago beer that the brewers call "Urban Wheat Ale." President Obama called it "the best beer in America."

"Our beer is the best," Verhaag said, adding that everyone is honored and thrilled that Hinterland will be gracing the White House.

A boost in sales for the brewers...
Hinterland has been open since 1995 and is owned by husband-wife team Bill and Michelle Tressler, who sell their brews in their own restaurant, to other restaurants, and in grocers and beer establishments.

"It's typically purchased in four packs," Verhaag said.

Sales have already gone up as word has spread that Hinterland has the Presidential seal of approval, Verhaag reported.

"We've been getting a lot of calls from people out of state who want us to send them beer," Verhaag said.

But that's not possible under Hinterland's license and interstate liquor laws. Just getting the Green Bay brews to the White House was no easy task, and required a bit of a scramble.

"We went through a lot of paper work," Verhagg said. "We were able to work out sending it to DC but that was a one-time deal."

But the beer is now at the White House?

Yes, said, Verhaag. And the Packers are going to demolish the Steelers at Super Bowl. She was sure of it before, but now there's no doubt.

"This seals the deal," Verhaag said.

The President rooted for the Steelers the last time they were in the Super Bowl. The White House declined to confirm that the Hinterland beer is being served at the Super Bowl party.

*Top photo by AP; second from Getty