Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's Move! Anniversary Video: Global Superhero Michelle Obama Fights Fast Food Crimes

Taiwanese animators blame US corn subsidies for world obesity epidemic, but hail First Lady for fighting back...Sarah Palin makes a cameo...
First Lady Michelle Obama is a muscled and caped crusader against fast food, flinging bananas instead of boomerangs to vanquish junkfood villains the Colonel, Ronald McDonald, and the Burger King in a new video created for the first anniversary of the Let's Move! campaign by Taiwanese animation outfit NMA. It's a highly political video, blaming US agriculture policy for the building global obesity rates: Corn subsidies are responsible for this, a narrator maintains.

"America makes the world fat. Michelle Obama fights back!" reads the caption on the screen grab, above.

Sent to ObFo by our pals at Eater, the very au courant video features Mrs. Obama with Walmart executives, announcing their new partnership, and mentions her talks with the National Restaurant Association. The video even works in recent criticism of Mrs. Obama's campaign. Notes Eater: "A Sarah Palin look-alike shoots up a TV with a machine gun after it airs a story about Obama's efforts."

In a voiceover, the narrator wonders what will be done about corn subsidies.

"Can the Obamas kill this sacred cow?" asks the narrator.

Mrs. Obama on Palin and international obesity issues...
"I don't think of her in this initiative," Mrs. Obama said about Palin, during a Tuesday anniversary lunch attended by ObFo and other print reporters.

Mrs. Obama also said that she'll be folding her Let's Move! campaign into her international outreach efforts, because she and President Obama frequently meet with world leaders facing the same challenges.

"I find internationally, and Barack says the same thing, whenever he meets with a world leader, one of the first things they ask him about is the garden because the issue of obesity is becoming an international issue," Mrs. Obama said. "So I’m sure there will be some opportunities internationally to talk about obesity....

*Screengrab from Eater; video from NMA