Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Behind-The-Scenes Video: White House Christmas Decorations 2010: Simple Gifts

Volunteers transform the Executive Mansion into a holiday wonderland with dried fruit & veggies, cookie ornaments, recycled magazines, pipe cleaners...
First Lady Michelle Obama
unveiled the 2010 White House holiday decorations on Wednesday. This year's theme, "Simple Gifts," is meant to invoke holiday joy while simultaneously celebrating American traditions, environmental awareness, community service, and support for military families. Click here for all the details on the 2010 White House Gingerbread House. The White House released the video, below, showing the 100 volunteers from 29 states in action during the four days of transforming the White House into a holiday wonderland. (Above: Volunteers Kyle and Amy, from Georgia)

This year's decorations were made using robbons, bows, dried fruit and vegetables, recycled newspapers and magazines, and other "simple" materials...such as 40,000 pipe cleaners for a statue of First Dog Bo that's in the Booksellers. There were also 500 pomegranates, 400 yellow pear gourds, 450 artichokes, 350 purple dipper gourds, 350 green dipper gourds, 400 green pear gourds, and 400 orange pear gourds used to make the wreaths in the East Colonnade. Below, a volunteer adds to a wreath made of gourds.

*White House video