Tuesday, November 23, 2010

During Visit To Gingerbread House Bakery, President Talks Dessert Policy For Malia & Sasha

President reveals strict First Family Food Rule, then breaks it during stop at Kokomo, Indiana sweet shop...
Obama daughters Malia, 12, and Sasha, 9, are apparently completely enrolled in First Lady Michelle Obama's healthy eating plan: They're only allowed to eat desserts on weekends, President Obama announced today as he made an "unscheduled" afternoon stop at the Gingerbread House Bakery, in Kokomo, Indiana, owned by Matt and Laura Gaines (Above: The President greeting the Gaines)

"The girls aren't supposed to have dessert on weekdays but it's Thanksgiving week," President Obama told Gingerbread House owners Lauren and Matt Gaines, who helped him choose some good stuff to bring back to the White House, to allow his daughters a holiday indulgence.

Unlike Malia and Sasha, the President frequently enjoys weekday desserts; he always seems to be stopping at ice cream and baked goods shops when outside the White House. (Above: The President chats with the bakery owners as Vice President Joe Biden looks on)

The President was accompanied on today's sugar pit stop by Vice President Joe Biden; they were on their way to tour the local Chrysler transmission plant, as part of a White House to Main Street visit touting the Recovery Act. They also joined Kokomo firefighters for lunch, and made a drop-in at a local elementary school, where the President was greeted by about 300 screaming kids.

The President carefully scanned the tiny bakery's cases just after he arrived at about 3:11 local time. It was laden with pumpkin rolls, cream rolls, donuts, apple fritters and other hi-cal, delicious baked treats. He asked for a variety of "product" for the girls, and then decided to treat his press pool, too.

"I'm buying for the pool," President Obama announced. "Man those look good."

Pool declined to place a specific order, so the President asked for apple fritters and pecan rolls.

"I want to take two of those cream rolls home," Biden said.

"If we give them the whole roll they {the pool} might not follow us as fast," Biden joked.

The President and Vice President cleaned out the display case.

"The only thing I feel bad about is who ever comes after this won't have much left," President Obama said.

Small Business Act: The Foodiest Legislation In History
During President Obama's chat with the owners, it became clear why Gingerbread House Bakery was selected for the honor of a Presidential visit.

"I understand you guys got some help from the SBA?" President Obama said.

SBA is the President's much-beloved Small Business Act, which hands out special loans to small businesses. It's become the Foodiest Legislation In History: During the months before the bill became law, as they called on lawmakers to pass it, both the President and Vice President spent months touting the impact on restaurateurs, and ice cream makers, and bakeries, with visits to the businesses, and inviting small biz foodiepreneurs to the White House.

"Could you have gotten along without it?" The Veep asked the Gingerbread owners, regarding their SBA loan.

The reply was, of course, "no." The White House last week released an excellent video of Biden telephoning artisanal ice cream makers in California, who had made a YouTube video thanking the Obama administration for their SBA loan.

The Gingerbread House owners rapidly posted photos of the President's visit to their Facebook page; above, the President and Vice President pose with Matt Gaines, far right, and Lauren Gaines, who is between the President and Vice President, and staffers.

A mob had rapidly formed outside the bakery, and the President worked the rope line for almost half an hour. Then it was wheels up to Washington, DC.

Info: Gingerbread House Bakery is at 1215 W. Jefferson St., Kokomo, IN, 46901. Phone: 765-452-9661.

*Top photo by Pete Souza/White House; bottom by the Gaines