Friday, November 05, 2010

7-Eleven Builds On Obama Laud Of Slurpees, Launches National Campaign

An attempt to boost sales after a Presidential comment...
UPDATE, NOV. 15: The campaign heads for DC
As promised/threatened on Thursday, today 7-Eleven rolled out their national ad campaign for bipartisan Slurpees, excited that President Obama called their beverage "delicious" in a Wednesday news conference (and ignoring the fact that during Campaign 2010 he'd been calling the GOP "Slurpee drinkers" to note that they have "brain freeze" when it comes to economic issues). Red+blue = A purple "bipartisan Slurpee," get it? 7-Eleven's website is currently promoting a Purple for the People Fanta Slurpee.

The ad, above, is on page 5 of the A section in today's USA Today. The company has now dubbed their project the "Slurpee Unity Tour 2010" and created a Facebook page. No word on a Slurpee Summit at the White House, but yesterday President Obama announced he'll host a bipartisan dinner/meeting on Nov. 18.

"We don’t want to be opportunistic, but nothing has ever been this big for Slurpee," 7-Eleven spokesman Margaret Chabris said on Thursday, when discussing the company's huge enthusiasm for a White House Slurpee Summit.

The company has offered to install Slurpee machines at the White House, as well as in Rep. John Boehner's (R-OH) Capitol Hill office, and supposedly deployed Slurpee trucks from Texas to head to DC. Apparently 7-Eleven has not been briefed on First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign, or corporate brass would be even more savvy, and figure out a way to load fresh fruit and veggies on to those trucks, too. And hand 'em out across the country as they remind bipartisan Slurpee fans that sugary beverages are a treat, not a staple food item.

The 8-ounce version of the Purple For the People Fanta Slurpee has 67 calories and 18 grams of sugars, primarily from high-fructose corn syrup. As our pals at Grist note, "if there's one thing that Democrats and Republicans pretty much agree on, it's corn." (Above: A screenshot of 7-Eleven's website)

The campaign rhetoric about the Purple Slurpee on 7-Eleven's website:

Purple for the People is like casting a vote for tastebud reform. A true patriot, it'll not only reach across the aisle, it'll tap dance on over, too. But it's only available on the official Slurpee Unity Tour 2010, so get your unified fanny on over there!!

Below, an example of the "Slurpee riff" the President used in thirty-five campaign speeches during his cross-country midterm stumping. This one is from an Oct. 7 event at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, in support of Alexi Giannoulias, who was running for the President's old Senate seat. Giannoulias lost to his Republican challenger, Mark Kirk.

The Slurpee riff:

So it comes down to this, Chicago. There are a lot of folks in the other party who are running today who are the same folks who drove this economy into the ditch. And me and the rest of the Democrats here in Washington, we climbed down into that ditch. We put on our boots; it was muddy, it was hot. (Laughter.) There’s bugs. (Laughter.) But we pushed and we pushed and we pushed. And every once in a while we’d look up and see the Republicans up there, looking comfortable, fanning themselves -- (laughter) -- sipping on Slurpees. (Laughter.)

And we’d say, why don't you come down and help? And they’d say, “No! But you're not pushing hard enough. You're not pushing the right way.” (Laughter.) And we just kept on pushing. And finally we got the -- finally we got the car up on level ground. (Applause.) Finally we got it on level ground.

Now, it’s gone through some trauma, so the fender is all dented, needs a tune-up. (Laughter.) But it’s on level ground, it’s pointing in the right direction. And suddenly we feel this tap on our shoulder, and we look back and it’s the Republicans. And we say, what do you want? They say, “We want the keys back.” (Laughter.) And you tell them, no, you can’t have the keys back. You don’t know how to drive! (Applause.) You do not know how to drive...