Friday, October 29, 2010

Video Previews: Roland Martin's TV Special "Let's Move! With First Lady Michelle Obama"

Premiering tonight: Mrs. Obama talks about her campaign and obesity in the African American community, lets Martin visit the White House Kitchen...
First Lady Michelle Obama's
childhood obesity campaign gets its first cable television special this evening, when TV One's Washington Watch with Roland Martin premieres "Let's Move With First Lady Michelle Obama." In an interview shot on the White House grounds and by the Kitchen Garden, Mrs. Obama discusses the cornerstones of her national initiative with host Roland Martin, with a particular focus on the impact of childhood obesity on African Americans. (Above: Mrs. Obama and Martin during their interview by the Kitchen Garden)

"All our folks didn't fight this hard for us get to this point to find that our biggest threat to our children today could be their health," Mrs. Obama told Martin, noting that she said the same thing in her speeches to both the Congressional Black Caucus Conference in September and the NAACP in July.

"We have so many other things to do, but this...we can control," Mrs. Obama said.

As she described her campaign, Mrs. Obama emphasized that advocating for children's health is personal as well as political.

"As a mother, I've struggled with it myself, but I also know how easy it is to make the changes, to change the way your kids live," Mrs. Obama said. "So it's a natural link for me, but I feel like I have an obligation with this information, to spread the word. If Iknow it's not good for my kids, I'm gonna make sure that every child in this country--and their parents--have the information they need to make the changes."

In the clip, below, Mrs.Obama and Martin discuss urban food deserts and the $400 million Healthy Food Financing Initiative, a cornerstone of the Let's Move! campaign that seeks public- private partnerships to encourage supermarkets to locate in underserved communities.

"There's the false perceptions that they [grocers] can't make money in these communities," Mrs. Obama said. Pointing to Fresh Grocer in Philadelphia, PA, which she visited last February, and which Martin also visited for his show, Mrs. Obama tells Martin that the supermarket is an ideal example for improving food access and affordability, as well as boosting local economies.

"They're proving that with some subsidies and work with the community, that some pretty phenomenal grocery stores can locate and become profitable and be a job creation engine," Mrs. Obama said. "Our view is that if they can do that in Phillly, we can do that around the rest of the country as well."

During the special, Mrs. Obama also takes Martin into the White House kitchen, and he interviews urban farmer Will Allen and Surgeon General Regina Benjamin. Martin also visits River Terrace Elementary School, the first school in Washington, DC, to attain Gold Status in the HealthierUS School Challenge, another pillar of Mrs. Obama's campaign.

The show is getting major play on Martin's website and TV ONE, which reaches millions of black viewers. Above, the screenshot of Martin's website, promoting Let's Move! and the show.

*Let's Move With The First Lady Michelle Obama premieres at 10:00 PM on October 29 on TV One, and repeats at 1:00 AM. Check your local listings.

*Photo and video clips from TV ONE.