Thursday, October 21, 2010

President Makes Pit Stop At Top Pot Doughnuts

In Seattle on the campaign trail: "You can't eat these every day," President
President Obama
was in Seattle, Washington today, for events with Sen. Patty Murray, who is facing a tough re-election battle. In the morning, he stopped at Top Pot Doughnuts, on Fifth Avenue in Belltown, and ordered two boxes to go, after Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, leaning in through the door, advised him that one dozen simply wasn't enough. (Above: The President and Murray share a doughnut)

"Who wants a little sample here?" President Obama asked the gang of several dozen excited customers, as he bit in to what appeared to be on old fashioned glazed. "You can't eat these everyday."

He was advised by a Top Pot clerk that some people, in fact, do eat the doughnuts every day. The President declared the donuts "outstanding," and urged his fellow doughnuts lovers to vote.

To pay, the President took out a bunch of $20 bills, peeled off a couple and handed them to the cashier. After putting his change in the tip jar, he said, “One of the benefits of being president.”

In the afternoon, President Obama appeared at a massive rally with Murray at University of Washington. The President is on a four-day, five-state Western swing to support Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, and his visit to Seattle was the second this campaign season. (Above: President Obama pays for his doughnuts)

Info: Top Pots Doughnuts has three outlets in Seattle. The one the President visited is at 2124 5th Ave. Phone: (206) 728-1966.

Related, Update: Later in the day, a local Cupcake entrepreneur gave the President's small biz policies a big shout out during a backyard forum on women and small business

*Photos from Getty; Video from Seattle's King 5