Monday, October 11, 2010

Michelle Obama, Daughters Have Lunch At DC's We The Pizza Restaurant

Chef Spike Mendelsohn gets repeat business from First Lady...

The DC Twitterverse was awash this afternoon with excited tweets about sightings of First Lady Michelle Obama during a visit to We The Pizza, chef Spike Mendeslohn's gourmet pizza joint on Capitol Hill. Daughters Malia and Sasha, off from school due to the Columbus Day holiday, accompanied the Mom In Chief. (Above: Mrs. Obama outside the restaurant)

The First Lady's motorcade rolled up to the post-modern pizza parlor a little after 1:00 PM, much to the thrill of diners and passersby.

"Just had lunch at we the pizza alongside michelle obama and her chi's!!!" tweeted @BreckenChapman.

Twitteruser @Slinky_girl tweeted the photo of Mrs. Obama, above, with "Having lunch at good stuff/we the pizza and so his michelle obama" (sic).

The fellow in the photo with Mrs. Obama is one of her Secret Service agents; they're accompanied by an East Wing aide. It was Mrs. Obama's second visit to We The Pizza; pizzerias seem to be a frequent choice when she's out with the girls. During their visit to Los Angeles in June, Mrs. Obama and the girls dined at Pizzeria Mozza; while touring New York in April, they visited Grimaldi's pizzeria.

Twitter user @ianblue tweeted the photo of Malia and Sasha entering the motorcade, above. He also tweeted "OMG just saw Michelle Obama and the kids roll up to We, The Pizza!" with a map link to the location. After, he tweeted "This is why I love living in DC :) #starstruck".

Mendelsohn opened We The Pizza last July. He's been a guest chef at the White House, and is part of the First Lady's Chefs Move to Schools initiative. Mendelsohn also owns Good Stuff Eatery, located next door to the pizzeria (which Mrs. Obama visited last year, twice), and he created "The Michelle Melt" in honor of guess who, as well as the "President Obama Burger."

Info: We The Pizza is at 305 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003. Phone: (202) 544-4008.