Monday, September 13, 2010

Behind The Scenes In The White House Kitchen With CNN's "Talk Asia"

"Laws and sausages"
CNN's Hala Gorani, host of Talk Asia, went inside the White House kitchen in July to interview Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford. It was Gorani's first visit to the White House, and CNN has posted a video about what was involved with getting an interview with America's Top Toque. (Above: Gorani tweeted the photo of herself with Comerford during the shoot)

"I'm going to take a cooking class after this," Gorani tells Comerford, after she watches Comerford and other White House chefs in action.

CNN amusingly titles the new video Laws and Sausages, a reference to Bismarck's quote that no one wants to know how either is made.

The original video interview focuses on how Comerford's childhood in the Philippines helped shape her culinary aesthetic, and the new video includes family photos. Comerford had ten siblings, and started helping her mother cook when she was age nine.

It's sort of fabulous that apparently Gorani didn't have a hair and make up person with her, given that she was shooting a piece for international television. Her windswept hair remains windswept throughout the video.