Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More White House Love For Gulf Coast Seafood

For the third day in a row, Gulf Coast seafood was a talking point for the White House. Today, deputy press Secretary Bill Burton announced that eating Gulf seafood is a central part of President Obama's plans for his upcoming August 14 vacation visit to Panama City, Florida.

"It's a beautiful part of the country, and the president looks forward to getting down there," Burton said. "... eating the food, the seafood, hanging out with the great folks who live there and taking a look at how things are going for those folks."

On Monday, Senior Policy Adviser for Healthy Food Initiatives Sam Kass and players from the New Orleans Saints served Gulf seafood in the White House press briefing room to highlight that it is safe...and delicious (at left). On Sunday, Senior energy and climate adviser Carol Browner announced on national television that Gulf seafood would be on the menu for President Obama's White House 49th birthday barbecue, as she discussed administration efforts at cleaning up the BP oil spill.

Burton was attempting to address questions from reporters about why the President and First Lady will "only" spend two days in Panama City, since Mrs. Obama recently endured much criticism for spending five days on vacation in Spain, and the First Family is shortly heading for a ten-day vacation on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

*Kass photo by Getty.