Monday, August 16, 2010

First Dog Bo, Air Force One Chowhound

En route to Florida,
Bo snoops for foodie treats from the White House press corps...
On Saturday, as President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, accompanied by daughter Sasha traveled aboard Air Force One on the way to a quick weekend trip to promote Gulf Coast tourism and seafood in Panama City Beach, Florida, First Dog Bo had the run of the Flying White House, just as he does at home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Bo popped back to visit the press pool accompanying the President this weekend numerous times during the almost two-hour flight, drawn by the delightful smells emanating from the extra special AF1 food, which included Monte Christo sandwiches and chips.

"He hung out for quite a bit, sitting obediently and at one point plopping his paws up on your pooler's seat in hopes of a treat," wrote Carol E. Lee of Politico, in an e-mail pool report. Lee sent over the photo of Bo in action, above, looking for treats. Behind Bo, reporters are enjoying their in-flight meals.

Lee added that although Bo "repeatedly returned to visit pool," once there was no food around, he quickly got bored and "didn't linger for long," dashing back up the aisle to the Presidential cabin. (Above: Bo boards AF1)

The food on AF1 has a reputation for being terrific; the plane has two galleys and carries as many as five chefs during long journeys, so its no wonder it caught Bo's interest. And Bo dashing the aisles of AF1 has been mentioned by pool reporters before.

After AF1 arrived in Florida, Bo, then on leash, was escorted to a waiting motorcade vehicle by a White House aide.

*Thanks to Carol E. Lee for sending over the Bo photo, which is by Peter Nicholas of the Tribune. Other photo by Getty.