Friday, June 04, 2010

Sam Kass, Cat Cora Discuss Chefs Move To Schools On "Morning Joe" - Video

Scarborough suggests "The Sam and Cat Show"...
Food Initiative Coordinator Sam Kass and celeb chef Cat Cora hit the morning show air waves while it was still dark at the White House, to discuss today's launch event for Chefs Move To Schools. They appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe, and were quizzed by hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

"If your school of your child's school is adopted by Michelle Obama's chefs across America, perhaps you will never see a tater tot again," Brzezinski opens. But then she adds "I love that the White House is getting so immersed in this issue, and the first lady is. God, I think it's great."

"We're calling on chefs as one group of people who can have a huge impact on our kids," Kass says, when asked the goal of Chefs Move To Schools.

Scarborough's take: "Shouldn't we also...say to states...if the federal government is going to give you money for school lunch programs, those programs are going to be healthy for the kids?"

"Absolutely," Cora says, and adds that Chefs Move To Schools is a big educational opportunity for schools, and a way to get kids invested in healthy eating.

"What meals can you prepare within the budget we're talking about that are healthier than what they're already getting?" Brzezinski asks. The current per meal budget per child in schools is $2.68.

"There's nothing wrong with a tater tot now and again," Kass says, which gets an "Amen!" from Scarborough. Kass adds that "There are ways to do more with what we have, and to get resources into our schools," as he mentions that the current child nutrition reuathorization has bi-partisan support on The Hill.

"How ironic it is that in America it is the underpriveleged that are often the most obese," Scarborough notes. He also suggests that when Kass leaves the White House, he should start a show with Cora.

"The Sam and Cat Show, I love how it sounds," Scarborough says. "The Cat and Sam show, like Dr. Seusss."