Thursday, May 06, 2010

White House Video: Revitalizing Rural America

Biofuels, broadband, after the jump
Following President Obama's tour across farmland America last week, the White House has created a new video, narrated by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, that gives an overview of the administration's framework for "a more prosperous rural America." The video is a lead-up to June 3, when USDA and other administration officials will join interested citizens at the National Summit of Rural America in Missouri.

The day-long summit will provide an opportunity for group think on rural challenges, and at last fulfills a campaign promise by Candidate Obama, who pledged to hold a rural summit in the first 100 days of his presidency. Better late than never....

Last week, the White House released "Strengthening Rural America," a new report from the Council of Economic Advisers, that lays out the four areas that the Rural Renaissance will focus on. Read a summation here. Also last week, Sec. Vilsack told reporters that three big areas of interest for strnegthening the economy in rural America are investing in biofuels, boosting infrastructure, especially broadband, and using crop growing technology to imporove outputs.

Photo: Last Wednesday, President Obama and Sec. Vilsack toured the 1,000 acre Lowell Schachtsiek Farm with owner Lowell Schachtsiek, near Plamyra, Missouri. Earlier in the Missouri day, President Obama visited POET Biorefining, as well as Peggy Sue's Cafe. On Tuesday, Day I of the tour, President Obama was in Iowa, where he visited a local restaurant and family farm, and also chatted about pie during his Town Hall in Ottumwa. The White House released a video about his restaurant visit. AP photo.