Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bo At The State Dinner For Mexico

An impromptu presser with the First Dog...
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Washington, DC: It doesn't get to be dark until at least 8:00 PM at this time of year, and last night, after the State Dinner with Mexico started in the East Room, your intrepid historian and fellow reporter Helena Bottemiller were getting some twilight air in the White House driveway. First Dog Bo was out on a walk, off leash but accompanied by a White House staffer. (Above: Bo on a stroll as his master & mistress hosted a crucial diplomatic social event)

Bottemiller and I were both exhausted, having been at the White House on our feet for twelve hours; I'd just fallen asleep in a chair in the briefing room, in an outstanding moment of channeling Helen Thomas. But when we saw the First Fluff, we were suddenly transformed into giddy middle schoolers who go all gushy in the presence of cuteness. After we yodeled Hi, Bo!, he ambled right over to us, tail wagging. (Above: Bo & Bottemiller)

Bo gave us some off-the-record-comments about the intense security presence for the dinner, and his opinions on people on the guest list, such as celebs George Lopez and Eva Longoria Parker.

I've seen Bo around the White House a lot, but always in the midst of crowds at events, and hadn't spent any time patting him. He's super soft. After licking the lens of my camera and finding it contained nothing appetizing, Bo continued his dusky ramble across the North Lawn. (Above: Bo checking out my camera)

When visitors outside the White House fence caught sight of Bo, there was much pointing and hallo-ing.

Bo ignored the noise, however, and headed back in the direction of the residence. His companion was deep in conversation on his cell phone the entire time Bo was walking.

*Photos by Obama Foodorama; photo of Ob Fo & Bo by Helena Bottemiller