Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Google And Blogger Demolish The Platform

A letter to Readers about why the blog is on a brief hiatus
Dear Ob Fo Readers,

Google and Blogger have instituted very poorly designed changes to the Blogger platform that limit the size of posts and availability of posts. Until this is corrected, posts here are on a brief hiatus. Bloggers who use the platform are complaining in droves. The change was not announced, but simply "occurred" yesterday. Even worse, Google/Blogger is advising those who complain that they will be ignored, and that they're "waiting to see" if the problem "needs" to be fixed.

Here is what the "tech guru" aka "nitecruzr" in the Blogger help forum advised bloggers who were desperately seeking a fix for the problem:

The more opinion that you provide, the more chance that Blogger will look at somebody else's problem report, and fix their problem first.

That's a swell way to interface with people who have had perhaps millions of hours of work demolished.

For a blog like Obama Foodorama, which is also a "living" historic timeline of Obama administration food and Ag initiatives, the changes have a particularly negative impact.

Clearly, rather than surprising bloggers with ill-considered changes, Google needs to hire a new team that actually takes into account how and for what their platform is used. The changes to Blogger are about as misguided a decision as the ill-fated roll-out of Google Buzz, which upset millions of people.

Your intrepid blogger hopes to be back shortly. Meantime, check in with Twitter: @obamafoodorama. Posts will also be sent to those on the email list; if you're not on that list, and would like to be, send an email to Obamafoodorama@gmail.com.


(--and with apologies for Google's epic and ambitious effort to rapidly destroy their status as a tech leader--)

Ob Fo