Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Video: Michelle Obama's Kitchen Garden Is Ready For Winter. Sam Kass, Kathleen Merrigan Explain Installation of Hoop Houses

First Lady Michelle Obama's White House Kitchen Garden expands from child nutrition education project to a model project to combat climate change...
As noted here before, the White House and USDA have been partnering on many projects, to encourage healthier eating, locally grown foods, and better school nutrition programs. In the new video below, just released by USDA, White House Food Initiative Coordinator Sam Kass and Deputy Agriculture Secretary Kathleen Merrigan discuss the hoop houses that were recently installed in the White House Kitchen Garden to get it ready for the winter growing season, and show these being constructed. Merrigan and Kass have been working on many projects in tandem as the White House and USDA join forces.

Among other things, in September they cooked together at USDA's cafeteria, during the launch of USDA's new initiative Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food. In the video below, Merrigan introduces a new slogan for the project:

Not every family needs an accountant, not every family needs a lawyer, but every family needs a farmer. Do you know who yours is?

Harris Sherman, the new USDA Under Secretary For Natural Resources and the Environment also appears in the video, and lauds the White House Kitchen Garden as a prototype project for soil conversation, water resource management, and vital to addressing climate change. Merrigan also announces USDA's launch of a three-year pilot program offering funds to farmers and gardeners to encourage the use of hoop houses, in order to facilitate year-round growing of food crops, and to study their efficacy.

writes about Mrs. Obama's Kitchen Garden for the first time, here. Ob Fo previously wrote about the new hoop houses at the White House in a post here.

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*Photo at the White House by Obama Foodorama