Friday, November 13, 2009

Vice President Biden Works Soup Kitchen Line

Lunch service...
Vice President Joe Biden made an unscheduled visit to the
Father McKenna Center of St. Aloysius Church in Washington today, where he served lunch to the homeless guests. Although the church is less than five minutes from the White House, DC has a large homeless population, and soup kitchens are very busy.

The Vice President served fish sticks with tongs, and many of those in line for the meal didn't recognize him, according to the press pool report.

"I wanted to do this. I asked where I could do this without a lot of fanfare, and they told me I could do it here," Biden said. "You've got to remind yourself that but for the grace of God, there goes I. Sometimes you forget that this is real."

Many soup kitchens in DC have also experienced a large influx of new people seeking meals in the last year, with the local unemployment rate topping eleven percent, including Miriam's Kitchen, the agency that is the beneficiary of donations from the White House Kitchen Garden. In response, Miriam's has just introduced five-nights-a-week dinner service to meet the growing need. You can click the links to make a donation to Father McKenna or Miriam's, or find out how to volunteer.
*AP Photo