Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lee S. Dean's Obama Food Art

A new entry for the Obama Food Art archive...
Lee S. Dean, food editor at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, has created a series of nutrition awareness posters to help teach middle school and high school students about healthy eating. She sent in the most obviously relevant one to Ob Fo (wink wink), but her excellent poster series of historical figures made of good foods also features Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and Albert Einstein, among others, with the message that eating healthy is eating smart.

Ob Fo wondered if a poster featuring First Lady Michelle Obama might be in the works, given Mrs. Obama's food agenda? Ms. Dean said she's considering it, and she thinks the Obama food agenda is "definitely going in the right direction," and that the First Family is serving as good role models for eating right. In the pantheon of Obama food art, Mrs. Obama is far less represented than the President, which is interesting...but it's still early in the scheme of things, riiight?

In Ms. Dean's Obama poster, the jacket is made from collards, pear and turnip; skin and hair from black and mahogany rice, cracked wheat, flax seed, millet and wheat berries; facial features from cashews, garlic, jalapeno, olives, oyster mushrooms, peppercorns, pickles, raisins, red onion, tapioca.

Thanks, Ms. Dean!

*Visit Lee Dean's website here for more poster info, and check out her cookbook, Come One, Come All-Easy Entertaining with Seasonal Menus.