Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fried Feast on Martha's Vineyard: The Obama Family Orders Takeout From Nancy's Restaurant

Update, Aug. 25, 2010: The First Family visited Nancy's again, during their second summer on island
Martha's Vineyard, MA:
President Obama
had a long day today. He was awakened around 2:00 AM Eastern time with the sad news of Senator Ted Kennedy's passing, according to pool. Later, he issued a formal condolence statement, in which he noted that he and First Lady Michelle Obama are "heartbroken."

An early morning news conference followed at Blue Heron Farm, and the President expanded on his initial remarks, but then--life goes on--the First Family went to a private beach on Martha's Vineyard. A little while ago, the entire Obama family--and their security detail, and a couple family friends--stopped in the town of Oak Bluffs to order takeout from Nancy's, a popular, family friendly seafood joint on the harbor. Nancy's has a totally casual atmosphere--sitting around barefoot, in your swim suit, is perfectly acceptable--which is essentially what the Obamas did, as they waited for takeout at a picnic table. (Above: First Lady Michelle Obama waves to onlookers, as Malia and Sasha head for a table; family friend Eric Whitaker is at left)

The lunch order was packed into six paper bags, which included nine orders of fried shrimp; two orders of fried calamari; two orders of fried scallops; one order of clam strips; two sides of cole slaw and six orders of French fries. (Above: President Obama totes some of the takeout)

The President posed for photos with thrilled Nancy's employees, and shook hands, before the family departed to go to Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett's house, who lives nearby in the East Chop neighborhood. The Obamas were there last night, for cocktails, before dinner at The Sweet Life Cafe.

It's amusing how much time the Obamas have spent in Oak Bluffs in the last 24 hours, because they reportedly rented Blue Heron Farm--which is at least a half-hour motorcade ride away, Up Island--and, depending on traffic--can be as long as an hour--because an Obama presence in Oak Bluffs was deemed to be the making of a traffic nightmare for the summer tourist season on island. No matter, apparently. Nancy's is worth the drive--it has swell seafood--though it's heavy duty on the fried side. The eatery has been repeatedly voted the best lobster role maker on the Vineyard. A lobster role is a classic New England piece of yumminess: Chopped lobster with mayo and spices, served on a soft hot dog bun--sometimes with lettuce, sometimes without. Nancy's grills their buns, though many places serve them "raw." No lobster rolls for the Obamas, tragically.

*Info: Nancy's is at 29 Lake Avenue, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, 02557. Phone: 508-693-0006.

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