Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ridiculous Partisan Hijinks: The White House Kitchen Garden Conspiracy Theory

Pix of the First Lady digging in the White House Kitchen Garden were sitting on the top of Drudge Report yesterday, with a headline indicating that the rapid growth of the crops seemed to be too difficult to believe...or that chemicals had been used. The header: Michelle's Miracle Grow (Drudge page, above). Ob Fo has seen other such suggestions around the internets, and Baltimore Sun's gardening writer Susan Reimer got so many comments about a WHKG 'conspiracy theory' that she addressed it in a post:

"I should have seen this coming," Ms. Reimer wrote. "...readers who are not fans of the current administration think the First Lady's kitchen garden is a fake. They believe the garden was "installed," planted with mature vegetable plants in order to fool the public."

Ms. Reimer politely tells her readers to shut up with the partisan bashing. As someone who's frequently gazed at the WHKG since the groundbreaking, Ob Fo is here to assure y'all that the stuff really has grown willy nilly, thanks to very hot weather and lots of rain in DC, and that there's been no stunt gardening. And BTW, some of the crops were put in as juvenile starts, as happens in every garden. Anyone who gardens knows that this is a standard occurrence; some crops are grown from seed, some from shoots.

It's curiouser and curiouser that a tiny patch of veggies is threatening to some people. On the other hand, everything the Obamas do is open to criticism, right? This one's a particularly brilliant example of stupidity, however.

*H/T: Daniel Bowman Simon, TheWHOFarm.