Saturday, June 06, 2009

As Raw As It Gets: Sam Kass And Ryan Howard Tour The White House Kitchen Garden

The White House has just released a fun new video of assistant chef/Food Initiative Coordinator Sam Kass giving Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard a tour of the White House Kitchen Garden, shot when the World Series champs visited a few weeks ago. Kass explains the biocycler composting system to Howard, then takes him over to see the beehive. Kass is clearly psyched about the bees, and tells Howard that the hive is "the greatest achievement" of the garden.

"Oh, snap, son!" is Howard's response.

"We're going to get about a hundred pounds of honey," Kass says.

"Ridiiiiculous," Howard says, enthusiastically.

When describing how he recently lost twenty pounds to prep for the ball season, Howard says "I ate a lot of organic foods, but it was actually good." Kass explains to Howard that eating right isn't about dieting, it's about lifestyle change, that fave Obama watchword. Unfortunately, if you turn the sound down on the video to avoid the desperately goofy Peter, Paul & Mary-visit-Hell music, you can't hear the convo the two bros are having. Alas. But the garden really is "bursting and blooming," as the First Lady recently noted. A different video tour of the Kitchen Garden, with Kass and a hidden interviewer from NBC "news," is here.