Thursday, June 18, 2009

AMA Pledges Support of Local, Sustainable, Organic Food Production

On Monday, President Obama addressed the American Medical Association during their annual convention in Chicago, in an effort to garner support for his health care reform initiative. Yesterday, the AMA approved a new, very progressive policy resolution on sustainable food, which slams industrialized food production a a major cause of illness and environmental decline. Coincidence? Maybe. But it couldn't come at a better time for advocates of sustainable food production. In the press announcement about the new policy, Dr. David Wallinga, the Wm. T. Grant Foundation Distinguished Fellow in Food Systems and Public Health at the University of Minnesota, doesn't mince words:

"Physicians now recognize that one cannot easily separate the health of food from how healthfully that food is produced. The profligate use of antibiotics and fossil fuels in today's food system, for example, is directly linked to climate change and to the epidemic of antibiotic resistant infections, in hospitals and in well as asthma and other respiratory diseases.... "

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