Thursday, March 12, 2009

Michelle Obama On The Record About Military Families And Food Stamps: "This Is Not Where We Should Be As A Nation"

Today, First Lady Michelle Obama visited Fort Bragg, in North Carolina, and met with soldiers and family members, in her first out-of-state trip as FLOTUS.

There was a meet-and-greet in the Iron Mike Dining Facility, where Mrs. Obama met twenty military families, and signed one of the chef's hats.

Later, at the Prager Child Development Center, the First Lady read The Cat in The Hat to a gaggle of little ones, who had no idea they were making history. Look for sales of Seuss books to skyrocket.

Mrs. Obama will be on Good Morning America tomorrow morning, in an interview with Robin Roberts. When discussing the fact that many military families rely on food stamps, Mrs. Obama said "It hurts, it hurts."

"These are people who are willing to send their loved ones off to, perhaps, give their lives--the ultimate sacrifice," The First Lady said. "But yet they're living back at home on Food Stamps. It's not right, It's not where we should be as a nation."

President Obama has raised military pay by 2.9 percent in the new budget, which will hardly change the need for Food Stamps, but Mrs. Obama intends to continue to make helping military families a priority....

Photo: AP