Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Obama Foodie Homage: Meal O'bama

Meal O'bama, a new food cart on the streets of New York City, is getting a lot of attention, primarily because it's named after Barack. Although it's unclear why owner Muhammed Rahman choose to Irish-ize Barack's name, it's still an amusing entry into the category of Obama Foodie Homage. Mr. Rahman owns other food carts, and was formerly a chef at NYC's Russian Tea Room. He explained his new project to the NY blog that scooped the breaking Obama news, Midtown Lunch:

"I just wanted to come up with something new… a new name, and I feel like it would be an attraction. He is the President of America. Also, he is a good person and I really like him, but don’t know how to say it. I want to say nice things, but don’t know the words."

Awesome, the guy is speaking with food, the universal language, and speaking Obama, too, our other new universal language.

*Pic and interview excerpt from Midtown Lunch. Check them out for where to chow in NY!