Monday, February 23, 2009

The National Governors Association Dinner, Again

Perhaps official White House Food Photographer Pete Souza was not working at Bam & Michelle's first Black Tie dinner at the White House last night, because there still are not good pix of the actual sit-down portion of the evening available. But we hear all the governors who attended the event, held in honor of the weekend meeting of the National Governors Association--even the stimulus-disgruntled Republicans--enjoyed themselves. Ob Fo's own head-of-state, The Governator (a Rep) provided a light moment when he suggested that he'd take any unwanted stim cash for our own bankrupt state. You go, Ahnold! Above, Bam and Michelle on their way into the East Room to watch Earth Wind & Fire jam; and below, a pic that a Getty photog snapped from the pre-event media-gaggle down in the kitchen. It's the official menu for the evening, with the official remains of the official dessert, Huckleberry cobbler with Caramel ice cream. Read all about the behind-the scenes shindig/teach-in that went on in the White House kitchen here.

Not food related at all, but of course you want to know: Michelle's gown is "a deep-purple, sequined fall 2008 "twilight gown" by Chicago-born designer Peter Soronen (though it's looking black in the pic). The necklace is by Tom Binns (and thanks to 55secretstreet for that info!).