Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yes You Can Eat Well On The Road to The Inauguration!

The Eat Well Guide, our favorite Google-satellite map resource for finding local, organic and sustainable food, has created a fabulous version of their project especially for Barack's Big Day.

The new Inaugural Travel Guides will help you find the right kind of food if you're driving by car--or traveling the way Barack is, by train--to DC. On their website, there are ready-to-go driving directions highlighted with sustainable food vendors for routes from major metropolitan areas into the District. Spend two minutes on your laptop with Eat Well Everywhere, and you can create a custom trip book with the best co-ops, restaurants, and B&Bs along the way, that serve up local, sustainably produced food. --The kind of food we'd all like to believe Barack is going to promo as the Eater In Chief. It's a really terrific way to bring "neighborhood" and "local" right into the Onauguration Celebration!

*More Onauguration foodie fun is at The Green Fork, the blog for the travel guides.

*And yep, Eat Well is using the lovely First Family shortbread cookies from Little Rae's Bakery as their logo for the Inaugural Guide project. Those cookies are not only sweet, they're iconic. Click here to read today's blogpost about the cookies!